Help me understand the pricing breakdown

someone help me understand the pricing here, this is a screenshot of my preview of my Jan 1- Feb 1,

this is the result of fly scale show

VM Resources for ...
          Count: app=1 beat=1 worker=1 flower=1
 Max Per Region: app=0 beat=0 flower=0 worker=0

Process group app
        VM Size: dedicated-cpu-1x
      VM Memory: 2 GB
 Max Per Region: 0

Process group beat
        VM Size: shared-cpu-1x
      VM Memory: 256 MB
 Max Per Region: 0

Process group flower
        VM Size: shared-cpu-1x
      VM Memory: 256 MB
 Max Per Region: 0

Process group worker
        VM Size: shared-cpu-1x
      VM Memory: 512 MB
 Max Per Region: 0

going by the pricing page i expected the bill to the dedicated-cpu-1x 1 dedicated 2GB $31
going by the pricing page how did it come to $93.
Maybe @jerome

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also where does those seconds (7828275) come from?

These seconds is equivalent to about 90 days. Could it be that there are three of these instances running for a month? E g. An other app?

i only have one app, could it be the process? i have the following process

    app= "gunicorn --bind :8000 healthcare.wsgi --workers 2 --access-logfile -"
    worker = "python -m celery -A healthcare worker -l info"
    beat = "python -m celery -A healthcare beat -l info"
    flower = "python -m celery -A healthcare flower --purge_offline_workers=300""

Nope, don’t think so. App’s worker-processes (worker, flower, beats) are running on shared-cpu-1x / 256mb RAM per the CLI output you shared.

Since your spend is more than $29/mo, subscribe to the Launch plan (link), and email support (ref). Once they get back, do let us know if this was really a billing issue with Fly!

Hi @paulwvnjohi! Nothing’s jumping out at me from what you’ve pasted. From the invoice, it does look as though you’ve been running three instances with dedicated CPU for most of a month. If you’ve got a surprise on your invoice, I suggest firing off an email to

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that is not the case- at no point was i running more than the one instance, i’ll write to the email

Hey i wrote to the email but didn’t have not got a response, do you work at fly? can you help fast track this before the next billing cycle @jerome

still have not gotten any help on this maybe @jsierles. This happened also last month (December)
i have emailed billing , the last response 5 days ago was

Hi Paul – We’re looking into this one. We’ll update when we have a little more information for you. Michele – Michele Baroody