I don't understand the pricing

I am getting some bills from
6845 GB/s × VM: Additional RAM (at $0.00000193 / month)
and I have no idear where and how it is made. Infact i don’t really understand. Which number from the dashboard should I monitor?

What can I do to make it stay free? I did followed steps in (How can I prevent the app from being charged? - #2 by jfent). It is enough to prevent it from being charged?

I am sorry that I have no propper base knowledge… This was my younger brother’s request to make a discord bot and I just follwed the instructions. it. I just hope that it stays free and at least under a affordable state. I am scared if the bill goes very high later and I don’t even notice it before the payment made.

@kayne What instance type did you use? On you dashboard you should see something like this beside the app:
Screenshot 2024-01-20 at 12.06.40 PM

What does it say for you? My guess is its 1GB instead of the 256MB mine is.

If it does, you’ll want to bring it down using flyctl like this:
flyctl scale memory 256 -a <APPNAME>

When using fly launch, the default (if you don’t indicate the instance details) is 1GB of RAM. So if you flew through that setup its very likely thats whats happening.

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