Confused about pricing model

Hi there, I’m new to Fly and I’m just a little confused about the pricing.

On the Fly App Pricing page, you can see the Compute pricing. Say I have an app with 6 regions and the app is using dedicated-cpu-1x. 1 dedicated CPU with 2GB RAM is $31.00/mo, so would I be charged $31 times 6 a month for the 6 regions? Or just $31/mo regardless.



Hello! Pricing is per VM that runs. If you have 6 regions but a count of one, you’ll pay $31/mo. If you scale to 6, it’s 6 x $31 per month. If you use autoscaling, you pay per second based on how many are running at any given time.

Does that help?

Hey Kurt!

Thanks for clearing that up, it helps quite a bit.

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