Fly storage counting with remote build

Hi, I deploy to Fly with Dockerfile with remote build, fly deploy --remote-only.

This morning when I am looking at the billing section, I see that my storage usage is 686GB. I suspect this is because the remote docker build images are kept and counted toward this (My base image is node:16 and I have only a small app).

I wonder is this the expected counting mechanism? If yes, how could I check the total storage use of remote docker images and how to show/delete them.


- Jimmy Chu

Hello! Your remote docker images are actually bypassing the billing, you’re not being charged for those. The billing is done by GB-hour so the volume shown is actually the amount of GB-hours that is used for your app in the entire month.
I hope this helps!


I see, that actually means 686 GB-hrs for a month (686 GB-hrs/mo), not 686 GB per hour (686 GB/hr) :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification!

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