An application with 50GB is created. I am bit concerned about the billing.

Hello, community,

I have started using fly from today. It works nicely when I have deployed my application from my local machine, with the following command

flyctl deploy --remote-only

But when I am using it along with github actions, as part of CI workflow, it has created a new app with 50GB. And I see a few suggestions stating that they are builders and are free for use.

I have tried searching across documentation, but couldn’t find anything related to how billing works for builders except this

So am I billed for that 50 GB application, which was created due this action?

50GB is wild. I don’t think images that size even deploy on Fly?

As far as I know, image store is free, and Fly only retains a handful (probably just one) image for v1 Apps, and deletes the rest.

Things might change once Machines (Fly Apps v2) are generally available (since v2 Apps can be deploying any number of variety of images): We're launching Fly machines today - #8 by starptech

Proposed pricing isn’t anything too drastic (even if a tad expensive), at $0.15/GB per VM per month.

This is what I see in the fly dashboard.
Who could help me with the issue,

Please find the attachment,

Ah, I see. That’s 50GB disk space for the free builder assigned to your org. No biggie. Everyone has one.


Thank you @ignoramous :heart:, I’m relaxed now :person_in_lotus_position: :grinning:.

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