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  1. I see on Billing Usage, my Fly Builder thus far has almost 5GB of outbound data usage. Are we currently charged for this usage? Are we charged for Fly Builder hours (I do see that this is always pegged at 0 hours)?
  2. I ran into an issue recently where my Fly Builder ran out of space ERROR: failed to export: failed to write image to the following tags: ... no space left on device. I simply destroyed the builder with flyctl destroy and re-deployed. Fly created a new builder without issue, and the deploy succeeded. Is this alright?


  1. We are not charging for builder related hours or bandwidth. Someday we’ll have a notion of “build minutes” with those things but we expect the way everyone uses them now to remain free.
  2. Deleting the builder app was the right thing to do, yes, although we should clean up that disk better. For now that’s the right choice!
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Is this still the recommeneded workflow?

It did work for me! Just checking if there was a different way to solve this!

Thanks! I’m loving

Hey Corey,

There was another recommendation of ssh-ing into the builder VM, and looking for things to clear off. In order to do this, you’ll have to kick off a build, let it fail if it fails, then quickly ssh in. Because the builder is turned off within 10 mins or so; and then powered back on only when necessary.

Having said that, as a user, it’s easier to delete the builder and be done with it (new builder gets automatically provisioned when needed)… than it is to get in and clean it up.

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This is the correct workflow, yes. When the builder boots, it attempts to prune unused objects. But you may not have enough of these to make a difference. We’re looking into other ways to improve this.

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