Fly-Metrics OAuth error

Hi, I have a similar issue happening to me, is it possible to have this fixed for my account too please?

Hi, I am also having this issue, we are trying to enable generic_oauth_authentication and we are trying to authenticate a group of users internally and I am seeing a similar issue after configuring. Could you please help out on how to fix this issue. Thanks

Hi @Chris8889, I’ve fixed the issue for your account now, sorry for the delay.

Hi @vikasazr, it sounds like you’re talking about setting up authentication on a self-hosted Grafana installation? There’s currently no way to OAuth with your user account to a self-hosted Grafana instance using generic_oauth authentication , though that’s something we’re working on and might be able to support this in the future.

The others in this thread are discussing the integrated oauth on the managed Grafana instance at

I have the same problem when trying to access fly-metrics



Same problem here: login.OAuthLogin(NewTransportWithCode)

Hi @henrikbjornskov @yann-coleu, your fly-metrics accounts should be fixed up now, sorry for the delay.

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I am having the same problem.