Fly Metrics (Grafana) OAuth Failure

I’m unable to login to my instance (which was working correctly yesterday). I was unable to load any charts, so I tried to logout of the Grafana dashboard, and now I can’t log back in. When I attempt to login, I get:

(Login failed: Failed to get token from provider)

Somewhat troublingly, when my charts failed to load today, I did notice at least one view where it showed a query variable autocompleting with an app name that started with “wjordan” - which none of my apps do (unfortunately I didn’t screenshot it). @wjordan I assume it was a reference to you? Is logging/metric data potentially leaking across tenants?


I have this issue too, was also working fine yesterday. The error message on Grafana was:

Status: 401. Message: ReadObject: expect { or , or } or n, but found s, error found in #1 byte of …|something w|…, bigger context …|something went wrong resolving organization |…

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Yea, that error message looks familiar as well :+1:

Hello, sorry about the Fly Metrics failures, this has been fixed.
And thanks for mentioning seeing an wjordan app name, there are a couple of typos in the Grafana dashboard JSON that seem like a likely explanation for what you saw- I’ll make sure these get cleaned up soon!

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