Fly-Metrics OAuth error


When trying to open Fly-Metrics, it fails with a generic error: login.OAuthLogin(NewTransportWithCode)

This remains broken for the app on my account. Any chance of a fix?

Hello, I think I tracked this issue down, it looks like there was a unique-constraint issue related to an email address getting re-used on a different user account. I’ve manually un-stuck your account (let me know if it works for you now) and will work on a more general fix to be deployed soon.

Confirmed, works like a charm! Thanks!

i have the same issue

@wjordan My email is I have the same problem, please help me to solve it.

Hi @houzhenhong, thanks for letting me know, I’ve updated your account info as well.

@wjordan i have the same issue, please help

@wjordan hello i also have this issue. is it possible to have this fixed for our account? thank you

Sorry for the late reply.

@fenospro and @sloanelybutsurely - We’ve fixed your records. Could you try that again?

thanks, that worked!

Hi, I have a similar issue happening to me, is it possible to have this fixed for my account too please?

Hi I’m getting this error as well. Can I get this fixed for my account?

Same. I think something broke a few hours ago.



	"Status": "400Bad Request",
	"Version": "HTTP/2",
	"Transferred": "501 B (110 B size)",
	"Referrer Policy": "strict-origin-when-cross-origin"

Having the same issue as well

Mine is stuck too

I’ve got access now, but I’m also getting the JSON error. seems like they’re on to it.

I am also seeing the Server error (login.OAuthLogin(NewTransportWithCode). Can I get a fix for my account as well?

Same issue here. I attempted to logout and log in again but now I’m stuck at this screen.

Hi, we’ve fixed the login issues today. Please try logging in again, it should work now.

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