Fly metrics grafana login error

Going to the fly-metrics url for my org redirects me to the Grafana login view with an error. Tried logging out and back in but that didn’t have an effect.

Still running into this issue.

Hi @bcinman, sorry you’re having an issue with this!

Do you have any privacy extensions installed, or custom browser settings that might be disabling cookies? That’s one thing that comes to mind as a possibility. Please try from a different browser/device, and let me know if you’re experiencing this error consistently or only from a single setup.

Hey @wjordan. So I’ve tried 4 different browsers (some with no extensions), and 3 different devices but I see the same thing everywhere.

Thanks for checking! The issue turned out a bug with stale account info that wasn’t getting synchronized properly to Grafana. Your login should be working again for now and we’ll deploy a fix for the general issue soon.

Sorry for the trouble!

That works, appreciate it!