Fly launch fails to provision testing database but works for production HA database


When launching a django app with fly launch, the provisioning of a “testing” database fails but when selecting a production grade HA database setup it works.

Provisioning 1 of 1 machines with image flyio/postgres-flex:15.3@sha256:44b698752cf113110f2fa72443d7fe452b48228aafbb0d93045ef1e3282360a6
Failed creating the Postgres cluster supportbasedb: failed to create volume: failed to create volume: Temporary error creating volume. Please run `fly volumes list` in a few minutes and see if it cleared up.
Error creating Postgres database. Be warned that this may affect deploys
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Hi @victora!

I’m Dave, good to meet you. Thanks for providing the error message, that’s helpful! I’m going to dig in and validate this myself, but while I do that I thought I’d mention that I saw this issue crop up for someone else as well here. It looks like that solution might work well for you as well (which is… just try it again? :slight_smile: )

In the meantime, I’ll see if I can’t get more details as to why this happened to you and validate that I can successfully create volumes for a production grade database.

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