Receiving error when creating postgres instances

I am trying to create postgres instances:

But receive the following error

flyctl postgres create --name prod-db --region lhr --vm-size dedicated-cpu-2x --volume-size 20 -v                                                                                                     
? Select organization: my-org-prod (my-org-prod)
Creating postgres cluster prod-db in organization my-org-prod
Launching...⣯ Error Can't create volume, application is already using 1 of 1 zones in lhr

The issue persists across different regions, app names and organizations.

I dont have any apps (neither regular apps or postgres apps) or volumes at all in the organization.

Any idea why I am seeing this issue?

There’s an issue provisioning volumes, we’re looking into it.

@mscno I’m sorry for the slow reply. You should be good to create a Postgres cluster now.