Failing to create a new volume


I am recently having troubles creating volumes for one of my applications.

I tried to delete the application and to re-deploy it but volume creation is still failing.

When I run the following command: fly vol create volume_name --no-encryption --size 32, I get the following error message:

Error failed creating volume: Temporary error creating volume.
Please run `fly volumes list` in a few minutes and see if it cleared up.

So I tried to run fly volumes list in a few minutes, and I get the volume with a state “failed”.

If I try to delete the volume, I get the error message: "Error failed deleting volume: upstream service is unavailable".

Any idea about what could cause the issue?


Hi @GinQuin, It looks like your volumes hit two new servers that are being provisioned. Please give it another try now.

Indeed, everything worked! Just had to be patient :slight_smile:

Thank you dusty

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