Pricing on VMs

I have a question about the pricing of the free plan of

On the docs pricing page it says that you are allowed to have 3 VMs with 256mb but my app currently only has 8mb of free VM. Is it possible to upgrade to a Vm with 256mb/s without extra charge?

Thank you!

I doubt any (server) Linux flavour today can run with 8MB RAM… Are you confusing it for bandwidth? That’s free upto 100GB if your apps are running in the Western half of the globe (docs).

You can check the dashboard to see the size of VMs allocated to your apps. If you’re comfortable using flyctl, then run flyctl scale show -a <app-name> (for Apps v1) and see what the output tells you.

Besides, if you intend to run proxies on Fly, see: What is included in $10/month plan? - #3 by eli

No my question is:

Is it possible to have 3 VMs with each 356mb under the free tier?

Fly has stopped charging invoices $5 or below; so yes.