questions on 100% billing discount

I got the email today, it says doesn’t collect bills smaller than $5.00
Is this a one time offer or does consistently apply this?
I was also wondering if this is something I missed or is just not documented. (to avoid abuse maybe?)


If your usage is under $5, I’d guess that’s still within the allowance of Fly’s Hobby Plan. It’s the free allowance of usage that lets you run e.g 3 of the smallest vms at no cost. Usage beyond that free allowance would be charged.

Thanks for your reply.
I think the email wording can be confusing, it made me think I could have whatever and as long the billing is <$5 I wouldn’t be charged.

I still have one question because I don’t fully understand billing yet
I have 7 (running) apps with a vm size of shared-cpu-1x on my dashboard.
The free allowances say I can have up to 3 vms, but I still wasn’t charged this month
Should I expect to be charged next month even when the discounted bill for this month was under $5 (actual $0.02) ?

Er … :thinking:

Not sure. It’s possible Fly have changed their billing however as far as I know the Hobby Plan includes the equivalent of 3 of the smallest vms (see Fly App Pricing · Fly Docs).

So … if you are running 7 apps, that suggests to me that you have exceeded the free allowance. And should expect to be billed for that additional usage. Around $8 (or whatever it is). Now it may be that the additional usage will only apply in your second month, since if you are a new user the calculation of the free usage may have yet to kick in. Total guess.

May be worth sending an email to Can’t hurt as you don’t want to be billed unexpectedly.


Thank you greg

Yep, it doesn’t make a lot of sense too me either. Granted I haven’t used them too much but the dashboard still lists them as running apps :man_shrugging:

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Not sure if this is a new thing, or a selective thing.

I’ve paid $3.xx multiple months in the past as I vividly remembering paying Fly invoices from github sponsorship money (ref). Good times!

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We shipped a change a few months ago to waive invoices under $5. We haven’t had any reason to disable it yet, it seems to be useful. A surprising number of people pay <$5 by accident and charging them creates a negative experience. And, the reality is we make money off bigger spenders.

We’re actually considering ditching the free tier altogether and just making this the free tier. I think it sets a good expectation (these services are worth money, we’re electing not to charge you, but it’s definitely valuable).


hi, @kurt

Two days ago, my account was flagged as risky and I resorted to credit card to de-risk it. fly had me verify my card twice, deducting $5.53 and $7.86 respectively. shortly after the first deduction, I received a message from my bank that it was cancelled, but the second deduction I haven’t received a cancellation until now. My account email is, Thank you very much !