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I have a case where I was expecting an update from the fly team about a feature that is important for my use case. The last response was that it was something that fly will give it some priority at some point. I understand that there are multiple use case and priorities, so, I do not expect that feature should be a priority, but would be great to understand if the feature is one the roadmap, what is the property and if possible when it could be done. It would help us to understand if we have to try to find a solution ourselves or ask for a workaround with the help of the fly team.

Something like this would be helpful:

LiteFS Cloud is still in an early preview phase so our main focus has been on ensuring correctness & availability and much of the work we’ve been doing lately has been internal improvements and testing. The deletion issue that you mentioned is being tracked internally as a bug so it is a priority.

We don’t typically provide roadmaps for products—especially early stage ones like LiteFS Cloud. Priorities can shift as we get feedback from users so it’s not helpful publish to a long-term roadmap.

I’ve added a public issue for database deletion that you can track in GitHub. That may be easier than the community forum as the forum will automatically close posts after a period of inactivity.


Hey @benbjohnson! Thanks a lot for your comment about this specific case, as it is the one that has triggered my suggestion.

My idea was to use this topic for a more general discussion to find a standard solution for future communications from Fly.

As always, great work for the team and support.

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