Would love to see more data about the platform

Let me elaborate.

Often we run into issues with e.g. deployments, like yesterday :upside_down_face: Then my first job is to figure out if this is a problem on our side or Fly’s side. This often takes a looong time & a lot of frustration. Fly’s current status dashboard partially solves this problem, but it’s lagging a lot, understandably so. I run into problems maybe an hour before they get mentioned on the status page.

What might help for me is to get a dashboard of Fly “performance”. An example of something like this is the Expo EAS dashboard: Service Status — EAS Build — Expo It’s just a Datadog dashboard.

If there would be a graph showing e.g. “Average deployment duration across all accounts” I would probably have seen an elevated value right after the issue happened.



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