Feature request: Fly.io slackbot (primarily for deployments)

Happy holidays Fly friends. I have a feature request.

It would be nice if fly had a slackbot. It would be cool if the team could see deployments and / or scaling events. Just an idea!

This has been on my list for a long time! I’ve been a little concerned about how often Heroku’s chat bot breaks, it seems like these things get brittle fast, but I’d love to have a nice notifications system with webhooks at least. It’d be pretty doable to hook that to whatever with Zapier.

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Sign me up to be an early tester! And if it’s open source (not sure if that’s doable), I’d try my best to fix anything that breaks.

Might be easier to expose webhooks that can be mapped to what ever use case rather than specific slackbots, just a thought :slight_smile:

Then you can have something separate like this either created by fly or created by individuals:


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Sounds reasonable! Realistically if you had web hooks I’m not sure I’d end up making time to do a full slackbot implementation myself. But if there were a slackbot implementation that were working based on web hooks, I’d probably end up sending PRs to make it better.

We should probably do webhooks and then an open source Slackbot that can be deployed as a Fly app. :smiley: