Hashicorp Waypoint

Hey. I’m just curious what do you Fly.io guys think about Hashicorp Waypoint:
Any plans to support it maybe?

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We think it’s pretty great. We’ve been wanting something like Terraform for containers, seems like it checks that box.

We’ll probably build a Fly plugin for it, we’re certainly going to see what it takes.


Any updates on this? I am exploring having having a waypoint server as as service on fly-io. fly-io is perfect for such a use-case. But deploying it with the waypoint command would require access to the fly-io API and I don’t see it documented anywhere. I basically would love to do something like this:

 waypoint install -platform=fly-io -accept-tos

We haven’t had time to do anything with it! The Fly API is capable, though, so it’s totally doable. You can check it out at https://api.fly.io/graphql.

Our CLI uses the API for everything, so if you need query examples you can check out the source code: https://github.com/superfly/flyctl

Cool, I didn’t know you where using graphql. How is that working out for you? I am making an assumption that you are using Go for this API? I want to know how the community support is for Go. Any good libraries?

GraphQL is pretty good for our own tools.

Go doesn’t have the best GraphQL libraries, we end up doing things like this … which is readable but a little tedious to add on to: https://github.com/superfly/flyctl/blob/master/api/resource_deploy.go#L3-L34