Failed deleting volume: unhandled upstream service error

fly volumes delete vol_okgj545lj18ry2wz is failing with the following error:

Error failed deleting volume: unhandled upstream service error: error renaming lv: error creating volume:   Existing logical volume "app_107443_upload_storage_48868" not found in volume group "data_0"
: exit status 5

Fyi: It is the same volume @Swissbite has mentioned in Unable to delete volume, unhandled upstream service error - #5 by Swissbite

Hey, thanks for letting us know. Today, we made some changes to the volume creation/deletion process that might address the issue you’re running into. Can you let us know if you’re able to delete these volumes now?

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Hi Eli, no luck: Error failed deleting volume: NatsProxyClient::NotFoundError (latest flyctl).