Enjoying Fly

Just wanted to say that I’ve been enjoying using Fly so far. I’ve got a non-critical distributed app that does a few different things ( Internal only services, a proxy that forwards fly-replay quests to dynamic machine services, a rails app that manages said services ), and while I’ve had a few hiccups in my usage, overall I’ve been quite pleased.

A lot of these things sorta need to be “qualified” for my use case, but I also feel like I’ve been lucky enough to pick a provider that has been providing me good tooling for shaping my use case in such a way that I’m enabled to build to my preferences, without necessarily being locked in. fly-replay is just a reverse proxy at a certain distance, the Machine API can be emulated via Nomad ( at least in small, not-being-fly use cases :-p ) , etc. etc. For what I want to do, I’ve been pretty happy with what I’ve been able to accomplish, and at a price that I’m more than happy w/.

Anyways, just wanted to drop a public note of appreciation for the stuff happening at Fly so far. I’ve started to migrate some other customer stuff to the platform where applicable, based on the positive experience I’ve had so far.


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