How I Fly

Hey all, friendly neighborhood Xe here!

I just published a new article to the blog: How I Fly. I want to expand this into a series where I talk with members of the community for how they use

If you are interested, please leave a summary of what you do with I’ll hang out in this thread to comment on the cool ones!


Interesting blog post!

We use to run pretty much all of our infrastructure, including our identity servers (node, OAuth2); API servers (nodejs, graphql); frontend (nginx, Angular); database (CockroachDB); antivirus (ClamAV); and other infrastructure bits and bobs (Grafana Agent, logs shipper, IP → country service, etc).

We use autostart/autostop for the API and have our frontend deployed in multiple regions to improve load times around the world.


Cool series!

I’m using Fly to serve a a number of services for my audio hosting project. I guess the most interesting one is audio encoding at scale with machines. Another one is serving a low latency embeddable audio player with 5 locations around the world with local cache etc.

I’d be happy to share more if you’re interested in publishing this in your blog after we’ve launched in a couple of weeks and have some proper marketing. We only have a dumb landing page for now.

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