Keep Up The Good Work!

I appreciate and respect team Fly!

Today’s metrics post is very interesting. I’m building a solution that needs to multitenant Prometheus metrics for customers and your experience is relevant and valued.

HN is rough-and-tumble but you present Fly admirably.

My plan continues to be to use Fly as a deployment option for what I’m building and everything you all say and do continues to increase my confidence.

Keep Up The Good Work!


Hey thanks! We are fortunate to be forum nerds, and actually enjoy talking to people on the internet. Even when they’re curmudgeonly.


I echo @daz.wilkin’s praise. You’re awesome, Fly!

Regarding metrics, I find the biggest pain points is Grafana. It’s just too low level for me, but I’m not running anything as big as Fly!

Anyway, I was wondering if you had any experience with observability platforms/services like Lightstep or Honeycomb (both support the OpenTelemetry standard). They differ mainly in that they try to offer a better UX towards operators trying to find answers to questions “how did these requests that were 50% slower differ from other requests?” I’m incredibly interested of any experience with this type of platform in the infrastructure/platform space.