Does the Free Builder Count Towards the 3 App Limit on the Hobby Plan?

I have an app and a postgres instance running on fly. I’d want to add a third app, but I’m not sure if the free builder machine counts towards that 3 app limit on the hobby plan, so does it? If it does, is there a way to pay for one more machine without having to scale all the way up to the Launch tier at $29/mo? Similar to how you can increase memory per-VM for a few bucks a month. Thanks!

Hi there,

Remote builders are free and do not count towards the 3 VMs limit of the free allowances. We could probably make that clearer on the docs, I’ll update it later :slight_smile:

You don’t need to get a plan to have more machines or memory. Plans are useful if you need faster support and compliance, but you can still stay on the Hobby Plan and just pay for the resources you use. Read more at Fly App Pricing · Fly Docs.

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Thank you! Glad to hear that. I’ll check out those docs

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