Is my app exceed free allowance?

I am currently have 3 apps and 1 postgres DB.
All the apps are using the same type shared-cpu-1x@256MB

I can see under my org’s Machines section, there are 8 machine instance, which make me confuse.

Do I need to pay for those machines? How can I limit my apps to use only 3 machines?
Or more preferable, I want all 3 of my apps use 1 machine.

If you are using V2 apps, each app uses at least one VM. There is the build VM too wich is free.

Do I need to pay for those machines?

I have 3 apps. i would be billed for none because I would only use 3 machines, which is under free allowance. Is it correct?

That is correct, but bear in my mind that the postgres DB also has at least one machine, brining you over the free allowance.

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Thank you. I will delete the postgres db :smile: I don’t want to pay for now

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