Is my new app in a free tier?


I just created an account and deployed a node.js app following the tutorial in Run a Node App · Fly Docs. For now I am just testing to see if I will host my server here, so I would to see how it goes before paying.

Now I just realized that in my dashboard there are two apps. One has a tag under it saying Free builder. But the app that I launched using the tutorial does not have it. I wonder if I will have to pay something for my new created app?

I would appreciate if someone could confirm this other app will still be free or not! Thanks a lot!

You’re in the free tier still!

The 2nd app is a remote Docker builder, which:

  1. is free
  2. runs the “docker build” step for you when deploying, so you don’t need Docker running locally

Thanks for the info!

Also, does this VM count towards the 3 VMs of the free tier?

The Docker builder does NOT count towards the 3 VM’s on the free tier!


Thanks for this information. Just for confirmation, if we have:

  • 1 main application with scale count of 2
  • 1 postgres db app
  • 1 builder
    This remains free in terms of VM (as soon as storage and bandwidth are OK)?

Hello @sebbelese, this depends on how many instances your Postgres db has (and of course the size of each VM). But it’s true: the builder does NOT count as one of your billable VMs.

The free allowances are specified here: Fly App Pricing · Fly Docs

We do recommend always running at least 2 instances in a database cluster for availability purposes on a production app.

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