Free Tier Limits and Quota needs clarification

Hi, I was going through the pricing page (Fly App Pricing · Fly Docs) and trying to find out the limits imposed under the free tier. But there’s not much information about it available on the website.

Unless, there’s another page on the website that covers this is there, if yes please share the link to it. If not, I have a few questions about the services available under free tier:

  • How many apps can I create under the free tier?
  • Does the number of apps I can create also include the free builder which is present?
  • Is there any limit on the number of hours my app can run each month, similar to what Heroku had on their free plan?

Hi - Billing is based on VM size (CPU+RAM), and you can run 3 shared-cpu-1x 256mb VMs under the free allowance. We don’t charge based on the number of apps, so technically you can run as many as you’d like, as long as they run on the VM size you’re using.

Said another way, there isn’t a limit to number of apps from a billing standpoint, but the VM size may limit how many apps you want to run on it, depending on how the apps perform.

The free allowance assumes the VMs are running for the full month; there is no limitation on number of hours.

Hopefully that clarifies a bit!

Thanks for the response, so just to clarify I can only create 3 VMs? And in those 3 VMs I can run any numbers of apps?

Also, you missed one of the questions I had:
Does the number of VMs I can create also include the free builder VM which is present?

Any thoughts about this?