Did Trial plan end? I cannot deploy apps anymore even with no apps.

Just as the title says, I cannot deploy any apps, it asks for credit card information even if I have zero apps currently, did Fly ended free unlimited trial plan?

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I don’t believe so. You should still be able to deploy up to 3 of the smallest vms, with 256mb, for free.

However you may need to provide a credit card to do that. That won’t be billed if you don’t exceed the free allowance.

As for why Fly ask for a credit card, they have mentioned:

Even for our free services, we require a credit card number. We know that’s the worst and it gives you heartburn. It’s not because we plan to charge you. But here’s what happens if you give people freemium full access to a hosting platform: lots and lots of free VMs mining for cryptocurrencies. We could tell you we want to prevent crypto mining because we care about the planet, and that would be true. We also have a capitalism nerve that hurts when people spend our money gambling. Your credit card number is the thin plastic line between us and chaos.


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Although I understand the situation, I was using it with no credit card until just now, for what I got from the pricing I get a little less with no card verification:

You notice that there are “2” free plans Free: and With payment method:

Each having different allowances.

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Ah … you make a good point! That UI does indeed say you can unlock more by adding a payment method. I’d understood the Hobby plan (aka the free one) required a payment method to use at all.

Going to be one for Fly’s billing people to clarify.

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