Can't launch app, flyctl asking for card info in Trial Plan

I’m trying to launch my first node.js app on and getting the following error.
I’m on Trial Plan and I don’t have a Card. What can I do ??

PS D:\IDE\All Source Code\FlyIO-SK-Discord-BOT> flyctl launch
Creating app in D:\IDE\All Source Code\FlyIO-SK-Discord-BOT
Scanning source code
Detected a NodeJS app
Using the following build configuration:
        Builder: heroku/buildpacks:20
? App Name (leave blank to use an auto-generated name): sk-discord-bot
Automatically selected personal organization: KD
? Select region: maa (Chennai (Madras), India)        
Error We need your payment information to continue! Add a credit card or buy credit:

Hello there!

You will need to input some credit card info, however nothing will be billed as long as you stay within the free allowance of the Hobby plan.

As to why the credit card info is required, here’s a note from the blog that explains it: Free Postgres Databases · Fly


But I’m only 16 y.o. and don’t have any card. And my parents won’t allow me to use their cards. :frowning:

Check if they would add $10 in credits? New: Prepaid Credits (and a bonus story)