Cannot deploy because i need to add credit card

I am using for months but today i just wanted to update some files but when i deployed the update it said:

We need your payment information to continue! Add a credit card or buy credit:

I dont know how but in December i got 7.79 bill for maybe using it too much or something?
I cannot put any credit card info too sooo i dont know what to do now.

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Hey there!

We added the credit card requirement a few months ago.

Is it because you don’t have a credit card or adding or gives an error?

I dont have credit card because im just only 13 and my parents prob. wont allow me.


I just added credits to your account! Have fun.



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Same situation is with me :sneezing_face:

haha this is amazing :heart_eyes:

@reis what are you building?

I’m a backend developer in JS so mostly APIs and sometimes Discord bots (not doing it frequently anymore)

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Sadly I’m in the same situation, I’d like to give the free tier a go but I’m not in the condition of adding a credit card. I hoped to be able to deploy something without needing it, even the quick start doesn’t say anything about adding a credit card, but I’m stuck on flyctl launch :frowning:

same problem here. i dont have a credit card. is there any options for “free subscribers” to have a limited 1 app just for testing purposes and play around. thank you

My problem got resolved with another credit card. Anyway, they have added a new free tier that doesn’t requires a payment method.
Read more: Fly App Pricing · Fly Docs

They reverted the change anyway. Probably due to abuse.

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Same here. Can you add credits to my account? Thanks.

Hi Jerome,
How to apply for free credits, I am new to to deploy a side project.

s there any free tier resource limit we can set, before being charged?

do we get alerts if resource usage crossed free tier limit?

Me too, I’d like to apply for getting some free credits to give a try to the platform. I’m not sure if this is the correct place for asking for this but haven’t found another one looking more appropriate.

Thanks in advance.

i Have the same problem .I just needed a place to host my discord bot and since heroku isn’t free anymore i thought this is the only i must a credit card?.but i don’t have one.What should i do

You needed a credit card to use Heroku too, so use the same card !

Bro i am just a kid.i don’t have a credit card.And you didn’t need to add a credit card to Heroku until last month.Since Heroku is not free anymore i didn’t
have any option.

You always needed a credit card to have an heroku dyno working 24/7.