Cannot deploy because i need to add credit card

I am using for months but today i just wanted to update some files but when i deployed the update it said:

We need your payment information to continue! Add a credit card or buy credit:

I dont know how but in December i got 7.79 bill for maybe using it too much or something?
I cannot put any credit card info too sooo i dont know what to do now.

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Hey there!

We added the credit card requirement a few months ago.

Is it because you don’t have a credit card or adding or gives an error?

I dont have credit card because im just only 13 and my parents prob. wont allow me.


I just added credits to your account! Have fun.



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Same situation is with me :sneezing_face:

haha this is amazing :heart_eyes:

@reis what are you building?

I’m a backend developer in JS so mostly APIs and sometimes Discord bots (not doing it frequently anymore)

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Sadly I’m in the same situation, I’d like to give the free tier a go but I’m not in the condition of adding a credit card. I hoped to be able to deploy something without needing it, even the quick start doesn’t say anything about adding a credit card, but I’m stuck on flyctl launch :frowning:

same problem here. i dont have a credit card. is there any options for “free subscribers” to have a limited 1 app just for testing purposes and play around. thank you

My problem got resolved with another credit card. Anyway, they have added a new free tier that doesn’t requires a payment method.
Read more: Fly App Pricing · Fly Docs

They reverted the change anyway. Probably due to abuse.