I cant subscribe using a visa debit

Hello folks!

I tried signing up using a visa debit card and it failed, is this a known policy that these are not supported? Or is there possibly something wrong on my end?

It’s probably on your end. I use Visa debit with Fly.io and it works as expected.

Debit cards should be fine! We don’t allow prepaid cards, though. The card on file needs to be something we can expect to work in 9 months when you ship the next facebook and provision 1,000 servers to make it work (your facebook will be more efficient, obviously).

We don’t really get any information back about why cards are declined. So if you’re not using a prepaid card, all Stripe says to do is “call your bank”.

Ah, ok thanks. I was hoping maybe there was some more descriptive error message y’all had behind the scenes. I’ll talk to my bank and see whats up. Thanks a lot for the responses everyone!