Consistent High Risk Flag

Currently, my account is stuck in a “high-risk” loop, where every time I attempt a deployment to a fly app, my account gets marked as “high-risk”. Going through the “high-risk unlock” portal does unlock or remove the “high-risk” flag from my account until I attempt another deployment.

I followed the instructions in this post, where @kurt asks anyone who mistakenly runs into this flag to send an email to fly support and got a response from Zee Henderson. They removed the “high-risk” flag on my account on their end but unfortunately, their fix did not persist as my account re-locked itself shortly after I issued a test deployment.

Since it’s been a week since I last got a reply about the issue, I figured I might try posting here to see if anybody else had run into a similar issue or had ideas for a fix. I had first thought that the fraud detection might be flagging my account over the lack of usage in my Personal Org, so I set up a few test apps. Unfortunately, that didn’t make a difference ):


Same here. I am on a free tier and the automatic response I get from is that I can only use to try ans solve this. Which now looks like a dead end :frowning:

I’m in the same situation, I’ve also posted a message in Your account has been marked as high risk. - #4 by kanark but no response yet.

You folks would need someone at Fly to un-restrict your accounts; ref: Upgrade Required Message - #2 by zee

If this matter is urgent, unblock yourselves by subscribing to the Launch plan (unfortunately a bit pricey for hobby projects and for folks based in the Global South – at $29/mo): Announcing: Plans for email support and compliance requirements

@zee any way you can help me out here?

Same here! I don’t know how it happened to me too :frowning:

I don’t want to open yet another thread on this subject, but this is the same to me.
It’s the third time that I’ve been flagged and I won’t be adding yet another CC.

I already had a CC info when you first flagged it.
Added a second one, it went away.
Now you’re flagging me again.

What’s up with this?

My app doesn’t even receive traffic anymore.

Also, I would gladly delete my account as I don’t feel comfortable having that many CC info on your systems, but I need it because I belong to 2 orgs (paying costumers) for work.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

I am getting this error “Your account has been marked as high risk” when I launch my app please help me resolve it as soon as possible.