Confusion over paid plans


We have an app that we are ramping up for production and are interested in the paid plans.

The confusion we have is that (as far as we can tell) the resources that each plan contains don’t seem to be listed? We see the “what you can do on this plan” details, but not what’s included for the prices.

Are we missing something obvious?



My understanding is (based on that table further down the page) is that a plan includes a dollar-value of app resources (vms, storage, etc). For example a plan may include $50 worth of resources. What that dollar amount equates to naturally depends on what you use/need. For example you may want 1000 vms for an hour, or you may want 10 vms for a month etc (not that that example equates to $50, but the general idea). With the cost of those resources from the price list (on Fly App Pricing · Fly Docs).

Someone from Fly will be able to confirm if that is correct!

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This is exactly right. Each paid plan includes a dollar amount of resource usage that’s included with each plan ($50 for Pro, $250 for Scale).

The examples we give for the paid plans are just to give you an idea of the kinds of apps you can run within the included amounts for each plan. But you can run whatever you need for your project, and the plan will cover up to the amount included for that plan. If you go over the included amount, the extra usage is billed at the rates on our pricing page.

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Thanks for the confirmation @michele, can you tell me, does the email support include assisting us to determine the best configuration for our app’s needs?

Thanks @greg !

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We’ll try and help where we can. I should say that it’s not designed to be implementation/consulting support, since we’re not really equipped for that just yet. (It is something we’re thinking about, though, especially for Enterprise plans.) But if we have ideas about how you could configure things, we’ll certainly share them!

There’s also a ton of community knowledge, so it can still be helpful to get configuration feedback from others here on the forum. I know that’s not always an option if you’ve got super specific requirements, or if there are things you aren’t comfortable sharing in a public forum. But this can still a good resource, even if you’re also working directly with support to figure things out.