Launch plan details

I wanted to get clarity on the plans for Fly, Right Now am using the Hobby plan which has limit of 3 VMs per app. I want know if I go with Launch plan How many VMs I can have per app?

Hi there. We don’t have a limit of VMs per app we have a soft limit of VMs per organization for new customers which is currently 20 total running VMs.

You can ask for more mailing billing at without needing a paid plan but honestly if you’re going to spawn a ton of running VMs the launch plan discount will make it worth since you’ll have dedicated support.

Say you run 21 of our smallest VMs 24/7: that’s 21 x $1.94ish then ~$40. At the launch plan you pay $29 and get a $29 discount so the plan pays for itself

I don’t really understand the pricing.

Say I’m in the $5 hobby plan. Does that mean I’ll pay $5 every month even without using any machine? And if I use services worth $10, then I pay and extra $5 at the end of the billing cycle?

I don’t think you get charged when you are not using any server on the Account. It is like pay as you go, you pay for what you use. Still not sure what are perks of have lunch plan other than dedicated support.

That hasn’t been my experience. I have an organisation and I seem to be charged upfront for the Hobby plan, even if I didn’t use anything.

The Hobby plan currently costs $5 per month plus usage, but includes $5/mo of usage. So if you use $10 worth of resources, then you pay $10 total (not $10 + the $5 plan fee).

The Launch plan costs $29 per month plus usage, and includes $29/mo of usage, plus email support, plus access to restricted regions (right now that’s bom and fra).

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