If I charge a fee, will I be able to deploy more apps?

I would like to ask, will the number of apps that can be deployed increase when moving from the free tier to the paid tier?
In my understanding, the number of frames that can be used for free is limited to three.

Is this perception wrong?
Also, I am aware that the paid tier has email support.
Do you agree with this recognition?

The way I understand it, is that you don’t need to upgrade your plan (unless you specifically want features those plans offer, like support)

According to Fly App Pricing · Fly Docs

Anything beyond the free tier, you will just be priced for each machine beyond the free tier, as well as outbound transfer pricing, volume pricing, etc.


thank you. It’s so frustrating, so I thought it would be better if there was an email support.
Also, what I would like to ask is that you understand that up to 3 apps are free, but if you switch to a paid plan, is it possible to use 4 or 5? I also read the fly docs, but I didn’t understand it perfectly, so I asked a question.

Hello @ShinichiKikukawa, the cost of the paid plans does include some more resource usage beyond the free allowances…

@greg made a pretty good explanation here: Plan Pricing details - #2 by greg


thank you.
Quoted below
For example if your allowance is $29, you could have ~14 of the smallest vms (costing ~$1.94 a month). Or fewer of the bigger vms if you want more cpu and/or more RAM. And of course you are free to exceed the included allowance and pay accordingly :slight_smile:

→ What is vms?
Is it a video management system?

In conclusion, quotas can increase the number of apps that can be deployed. How much I can increase depends on the quota. Is it correct to understand that if the capacity is not enough, we will correspond with a higher plan?

VMs are virtual machines!

Not quite.

If your plan gives you $29 worth of credits and you need $35 worth of resources in that month, your credit card will be charged $6 extra to pay for the excess usage. You don’t have to move up to a bigger plan.

If you don’t want email support, you can stay on the Hobby Plan! The prices for the resources you use are the same on all plans.