plan allowances?

I’m trying to estimate the cost of hosting our app’s PostgreSQL reference data on I can from Fly App Pricing · Fly Docs that the free plan has 3Gb of persistent storage before per-Gb pricing kicks in. But I can’t find anywhere that tells me what the corresponding allowances are for Launch and Scale plans. I can see the prices of the plans on Plan Pricing · Fly, and I can choose a plan from there, but nowhere does it seem to explain in detail what the plan limits are.

Am I missing a section of the docs somewhere?


This is probably simpler than you’d guess:

  1. Everyone gets the free allowances. You can use 3GB of volumes before we start charging you for usage
  2. The Launch and Scale plans include usage on top of that. Those plans are just you committing to a monthly minimum spend.

So if you signup for the Launch plan, it includes $29/mo of paid usage. The Scale plan includes $199/mo of paid usage.

Got it, thanks.