CC info should be listed at onboarding

I was about to check out and possibly do a blog entry about it. Before that I spent some time researching Firecracker. So when I decided to get my hands dirty withflyctl launch, I got an error Error We need your payment information to continue! Add a credit card or buy credit:

My impression was, that you have a model similar to Heroku. I get to play for free and if I’m about to go serious that’s the time to navigate to billing. To me it’s really obnoxious to learn that billing is a mandatory step in terminal while I’m trying to get through the Quickstart, to run basically anything at all.

Please,add a footnote at the pricing section Fly App Pricing
Or at least have the information on the dashboard Sign In · Fly

Feels like I’ve invested a lot of time and got blocked even before I’m able to Hello World.

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