Error: We need you payment information to continue, even though I have added my card and have credits lets.

I’m seeing this after having added $25. I still have not used any of that credit. I was able to deploy successfully earlier today, but not I cannot update the image. I can however update the secret, which will trigger a redeploy, but that does not help me deploying the new version.

Is there something I am doing wrong here?

Also, in the error-message, there is a non-working url, which points to:

I tried adding another $25. The result is the same.

Looks like the problem resolved itself

I’m happy to hear that it’s been fixed but just curious, do you by any chance know what the full error message was?

That was the whole error-message, as I received it.

This was a short-lived bug in our app logic that should not occur again. Sorry for the confusion!