Billing and Payment Issues - Need Assistance and Refund

I recently signed up for services and initially subscribed by providing my credit card information. However, after coming across some troubling posts regarding billing issues and the responses from the support team, I decided to delete my account due to concerns about the trustworthiness of the service provider. The Stripe integration did not allow me to remove my credit card data, which added to my apprehension.

Despite these reservations, I decided to give another chance and re-signed up. I also pre-paid $25.00 into my website credit balance. Unfortunately, I am now facing a new issue where the service not only fails to utilize the credit balance, but it is also demanding that I add a payment method by re-entering my credit card details.

What is particularly disconcerting is the absence of email support. The only available channel for reporting issues is through this forum. This lack of direct support channels makes me feel uncomfortable and uneasy about the level of service and support provided.

I kindly request the team to look into this matter urgently. I am seeking a resolution to the issue of the prepaid credit balance not being utilized and the demand for re-entering credit card information. Moreover, I would appreciate a refund of the $25.00 credit balance if the service cannot be utilized as expected.

I believe that a prompt and satisfactory resolution to this issue will not only address my concerns but also contribute to the overall improvement of’s services.


It’s true that you don’t get email support for free, however it is available on the pain plans (Plan Pricing · Fly) so for those spending at least $29/m.

I can’t comment on any billing issues however you may get a faster response (than this forum) by emailing them at Anybody can ask billing questions, even without a paid support plan.

Not sure if they will respond at the weekend (may be Monday now) but can’t hurt to try.

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