Facing issue in add credentials to agent to log in with normal SSH.

I establish the Wireguard peer for the Fly.io private network after that i am trying to connect with SSH getting an error message using below command.
flyctl ssh issue --agent

Error: can’t connect to SSH agent: dial unix: missing address

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I will look into this in the morning and there is a PR that might help with this if merged.

Nvm that, the command expects the SSH_AUTH_SOCK env var to be set. Its’ value should be a file path.

You can try:
SSH_AUTH_SOCK=path_to_file fly ssh issue —agent

For more info:

Hope any of this helps!
If not, a Fly employee shoild help soon.

Thanks for reply!

Have successfully add the credentials but getting this error after add them.

PS C:\fly-io-hiring> fly ssh console

fly ssh console
Error: app floral-snow-9002 has no started VMs.
It may be unhealthy or not have been deployed yet.
Try the following command to verify:

fly status
PS C:\fly-io-hiring> fly status
Name = floral-snow-9002
Owner = personal
Hostname = floral-snow-9002.fly.dev
Image = -
Platform = machines

Can you try “fly scale count 1” or launch a new app?

Could you please help me to understand this error.

PS C:\fly-io-hiring> fly scale count 1
Error: failed to grab app config from existing machines, error: could not create a fly.toml from any machines :frowning:
No machines configured for this app

Could you share your fly.toml?

app = “floral-snow-9002”
primary_region = “sin”

internal_port = 8080
force_https = true
auto_stop_machines = true
auto_start_machines = true
min_machines_running = 0
processes = [“app”]


This seems okay to me.
Is it possible for you to try destroying the current app and fly launch a new app?

That will take new configuration. Is there is any other option to redeploy the app.

I think you can use your existing fly.toml configuration.
Or are you referring to the configuration you need to do after you deploy a new app?

If you really need to redeploy the existing app,
we have to wait for a Fly.io team member to get to this.

Ok sure, We will take to Fly.io team.

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Replying so that this issue isn’t closed automatically.

hi @aashirathore

Maybe your app was created but never deployed and that’s why there are no Machines.

As a first step, try running fly deploy.

Yes I already deploy the app.

Could you try running fly deploy? The error message and the output of fly status indicate your app has no Machines. If you run fly deploy then Machines will get created for your app.

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