Cannot delete old volume

For some reason this volume won’t go away: vol_2en7r1pyg0zrk6yx

~/code/ (main) 🤠
$ fly vol delete vol_2en7r1pyg0zrk6yx
Warning! Individual volumes are pinned to individual hosts. You should create two or more volumes per application. Deleting this volume will leave you with 0 volume(s) for this application, and it is not reversible.  Learn more at
? Are you sure you want to destroy this volume? Yes
Error: failed destroying volume: You hit a Fly API error with request ID: 01H4E3NE7J4DF8JSCBM1STA9GY-sjc

I have no idea what to do about this. I can create and delete other volumes. Just not this one.

In case it’s helpful:

~/code/ (main) 🤠
$ fly vol list 
ID                      STATE   NAME            SIZE    REGION  ZONE    ENCRYPTED     ATTACHED VM     CREATED AT   
vol_g67340kyg0mvydxw    created data_machines   3GB     den     dc2a    true          5683777f75098e  3 days ago  
vol_2en7r1pyg0zrk6yx    created data            3GB     iad     7806    true                          2 months ago

The app name is kcd.

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