Volume stuck in "migrated" status, cannot delete.

This volume vol_mjn924ogpqr03lq7 is stuck in a migrated state, and I’m unable to perform delete:

❯ fly volumes delete vol_mjn924ogpqr03lq7
Deleting a volume is not reversible.
? Are you sure you want to delete this volume? Yes
Error failed deleting volume: upstream service is unavailable

Thanks for any help.

Just tried this again this morning, same problem. Any suggestions?

Is the volume bound to an app (still mounted?) I’m not sure why else it would not let you delete it.

If you do fly volumes list, I take it it’s still listed there?

@greg still there, no apps attached (volume names have been edited to protect the innocent).

ID                      STATE           NAME            SIZE    REGION  ZONE    ATTACHED VM     CREATED AT 
vol_mjn924ogpqr03lq7    migrated        app_cache       25GB    dfw     b7f2                    9 months ago
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Ah. It’s clearly not that then. Attached vm is indeed blank.

That’s me out of ideas! One for Fly. Someone will respond here at some point to sort it for you.

You can ignore this volume, it’s not being billed. We kept these around just-in-case when we removed old hardware.