Cannot delete certain apps or volumes

While trying to convert my old Postgres app into a proper free Postgres instance, things did not go as smoothly as planned. Health checks started failing and I was unable to recover it in a reasonable amount of time. In the interest of “just get it working again”, I decided to delete the old database entirely and start fresh.

However, deleting this now-dead application hasn’t gone smoothly either. While attempting to delete the application or its last attached volume, I receive an error message and the resources are not removed from my account:

$ fly volumes list
vol_mjn924o869v03lq7	migrated	pg_data	10GB	atl   	aefb	           	7 months ago

$ fly volumes delete vol_mjn924o869v03lq7
Deleting a volume is not reversible.
? Are you sure you want to delete this volume? Yes
Error failed deleting volume: This volume has been migrated and will be eligible for deletion on Mar 04, 2022.

$ fly apps destroy <my_db_app>
Destroying an app is not reversible.
? Destroy app <my_db_app>? Yes
Error upstream service is unavailable

I have tried scaling the application to 0 and suspending it as well, but this seems to have no effect.

How can I get rid of these broken resources?