Deleting Postgres V1 volumes after migration

I migrated my Postgres app to V2 yesterday. It’s an HA deployment with two machines. fly status is showing two healthy VMs, and fly volumes list is showing 4 volumes:

vol_2yxp4mngd8zr63qd	created	pg_data_machines	10GB	lhr   	79f0	false    	148e473b7612e8	1 day ago   	
vol_jn924ok08qxv03lq	created	pg_data_machines	10GB	lhr   	d88f	false    	3d8d311ae2e9d8	1 day ago   	
vol_6d7xkrkw5jorw2q9	created	pg_data         	10GB	lhr   	5243	true     	              	6 months ago	
vol_5podq4qq0j84g8w1	created	pg_data         	10GB	lhr   	d88f	true     	              	6 months ago

Are the last two volumes now stale / no longer needed? They’re not connected to a VM, but if I try to destroy one, I get a warning saying

Warning! Individual volumes are pinned to individual hosts. You should create two or more volumes per application. Deleting this volume will leave you with 1 volume(s) for this application, and it is not reversible. Learn more at

I’d like to clean these up and stop paying for them if they’re stale, but the warning and the fact that the snapshots of the new volumes are much smaller than the snapshots of the old volumes is giving me pause.

@shugel As long as your data looks good after the migration you are good to remove the volumes that are no longer in use. It looks like that warning in this instance is not relevant and can be ignored.

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