Can you set a region for outbound IPs?

My app connects to some external APIs which have regional ip blocks. I thought that by having my app on a specific region the requests made by it would come from an ip from that region but that’s not the case. Suddenly my app’s IP changed and my requests started to fail due to that.

I’ve tried allocating a private ip fly ips allocate-v4 (this allocated to the US which is a no-go for my app) and also passing the --region flag (which causes an error).

Is there a way to specify a region for my outbound ip?

You can specify an ingress region (by allocating a region-specific IP), and the egress region is likely to be the same: Multi-region application where users / sessions are pinned to one region? - #5 by ignoramous

But otherwise, it isn’t possible to assign outgoing IPs as of today: Set/get outgoing IP address for whitelisting on external APIs/Hosts - #12 by ignoramous | Outbound IP from a certain region - #2 by ignoramous

Thanks for your response!

I gave it a try but it doesn’t quite solve my issue. Is being able to assign an outgoing IP/region something that’s going to be supported in the future? If so is there any broad timeline as to when we could expect such a feature?