Outbound IP from a certain region


my app communicates with a third-party API that blocks IPs from the US. Is there a way to get an outbound IP from a certain region (e.g. fra)? Or can I at least prevent having an IP from the US?

I’ve read every thread about this topic and it looks like that’s not possible. Most threads are old and somewhat different requirements, so I wanted to ask my specific question.

My region is set to fra and backup region to ams. I understand that geo lookups are not precise but I can’t change the third-party API so I need to know if Fly doesn’t work for my requirements and thus need to move my app somewhere else.


Did you stumble upon this new one?

Short of using proxies, unfortunately, sounds like it. There’s nothing stopping geo-ip location providers from classifying all Fly-owned IPs as originating in the US, unless Fly takes matters into its own hands and interfaces with these providers in publishing IP ranges per region.

Wait for someone else to chime in, in case I’m wrong here.