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I wanted to start using fly.io but I am a little confused as to the choice of plans. Reading through the documentation, manage plan tab and community forum I learned about the following plans:

  • Pay as you go,
  • Legacy Hobby,
  • Hobby,
  • Launch,
  • Scale,
  • Enterprise.

Yet just looking at the “manage plan” tab I am missing “Hobby” for my own organization, while a friend’s organization has it and the description seems to be identical to “Pay As You Go” with the exception for the 5$ commitment.

  1. Why can’t I choose the “Hobby” plan? Was it removed? Wasn’t it supposed to replace the “Legacy Hobby” plan?
  2. What is supposed to be the difference between the “Hobby” plan (that I am missing, but my friend has) and the Pay As You Go plan, beside the 5$ commitment? What does this 5$ commitment bring?

The doc clearly states that:

If you upgrade to a different plan and downgrade back to Hobby, you’ll be on the current (paid) Hobby plan.

Which implies that there is a Hobby plan currently.

It’s not available for new accounts created recently, only old accounts have access to Hobby. If you don’t have access to Hobby then that account can never access it as its too new.

Hobby requires a $5 commitment and includes free allowances of certain services as well as the $5 included usage. A list is here: Fly.io Resource Pricing · Fly Docs

Legacy Hobby has the same free allowances but no $5 commitment or $5 included usage.

Pay as you go doesn’t have free allowance or included usage. You pay for everything you use.

Some information is here:


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