Will fly.io start charging?

When I checked my plan, it showed that it required $5 per month and then showed the Legacy Hobby Plan, so I asked if there would be any new expenses. Or to what extent will I need to pay for it?
What is the new billing method?
Will the free quota still be retained?

From what I understand, you get $5 to use, and once it is over, you get charge $5 / month. I might be mistaken, as I am new to the service.

hi @BlackInk7777

If your plan shows as Legacy Hobby Plan under Billing, then you won’t be charged the monthly plan fee. You will be charged for usage beyond the free allowances. And any new orgs you create will be on the $5/mo Hobby Plan. Details and info are available on the Pricing and Billing pages:

So let’s say I used $7 of the credit that month, after deducting the free $5, would I have to pay $2 or $5?

Your plan is the same as it was before the new paid Hobby Plan was introduced. None of the changes will affect any organizations on the Legacy Hobby Plan. You don’t have a “free $5” but you do continue to have free allowances that are deducted before billing. If your previous invoices were $0 because your usage was below the free allowances, then future invoices will also be $0 if your usage stays the same.

If you were to use $7 of resources beyond the free allowances, then you would be charged $7.

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Thank you! It’s a great help.

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