Hobby Plan free or $5?


I come from Heroku, although it’s been a while since I’ve worked on my app and just realized Heroku doesn’t have a free plan anymore. I looked at different sites and fly.io caught my interest.

I wanted to test it out, it’s only really a small full stack project I made to showcase while looking for a job. I highly doubt I’ll even get over 1 user per week as I wanted to have potential employers look at my app, try it, login, etc…

When I tried creating an organization, it says the hobby plan is $5. I mean I already added my credit card # and all but backed out and wanted to confirm first. If I create a new org, would I be paying the $5 instantly? Or it’s still a hobby free plan if and only if I don’t exceed a certain # of requests?

The free plan is free. I think they started collecting credit card info to prevent spam I guess. It won’t charge you for anything. Even on the paid plan, if you used less than $5, they won’t charge your card.


If you’re creating a new org in addition from the default “personal” assigned to all accounts, the Hobby plan will cost you $5/month for that org. See here Fly App Pricing · Fly Docs.

Otherwise, if you’re using your “personal” org you will not be charged anything unless you exceed $5 of usage.

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@ananni13 @pmbanugo

Thank you both. I was under the impression I had to create an org in order to get started. Now that I’m looking at the Flyctl 101 section, seems like I can get started by just using the Flyctl terminal commands, so in this case there’s no need for me to create an org, correct me if I’m wrong please and I truly appreciate the responses received.

You automatically start with the “Personal” organization, which is created for you. You don’t need to create an additional org to get started.

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Thank you everyone, this answers my question. I went straight at it instead of reading the documentation, smh :man_facepalming: been a while so feeling somewhat rusty :sweat_smile:

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