No suitable (healthy) instance found to handle request


Seeing this error in the logs of one of our apps, fly restart, fly suspend don’t work either

Fast on the status update team, impressive :slight_smile: It’ll be the Syd issue causing this, will watch status for more.

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This should only affect individual VMs/volumes in your app. Do you have an app that has two volumes that’s not working? I can take a look.

The app was only running in Syd

Oh, I’m sorry, what I meant to say is that this is only affecting a single host in Sydney. It’s not a full region issue, so apps in Sydney running more than one instance should still be functioning!

ah single shared instance, it’s managed to suspend and resume now so we’re back, it was just stuck on suspending so I couldn’t even try a restart

Oh ok that’s slightly more expected, but I’d still want it to reschedule to another host if it didn’t have a volume attached.

@kurt would the suspend and resume reschedule it or is there anything else I need to do?

It should just reschedule when the VM dies. The best way to reschedule otherwise is to set a secret to a random value or, in your case, fly scale count 2. With this kind of issue you’re probably better off adding a second VM, assuming you know it’s this kind of problem.

restart only restarts existing VMs in place (which we should change).

suspend does extra stuff that doesn’t make a ton of sense when you can just run fly scale count 0.

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cool thanks for your help.

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